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Women's Health

Is Your Body Trying To Tell You Something?

Some research has found that people can accurately guess how tall you are within a close range based on just the sound of your voice. This might be due to

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The Tapeworm Diet

There is nothing appealing at glance about swallowing a tapeworm in the name of losing a few pounds, and yet some people still turn to this weird decision. Using tapeworms

Weight Loss

The Dangerous Cotton Ball Diet

There are always new diet trends on the loose, and sometimes they border into the extreme and life threatening variety. It’s hard to imagine how some of them even begin

Men's Health

Fried Food: What’s YOUR Risk Level?

When it comes to eating healthy everyone can benefit. Eating fried and processed foods are not good for anyone, but it turns out that that they might be even worse

Latest News Women's Health

Shocking: 1 in 600 Don’t Know They’re Pregnant Until Labor!

As strange and unlikely as it sounds, as many as one in 600 women will not know that they are pregnant until they are about to give birth or go

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Horror Films Good For Your Waistline?

We tend to watch horror films for the thrill and the heart pounding anxiety that they cause us, and less so for the story lines. We enjoy those feelings when

Latest News Weight Loss

Will This Common Spice Help You Lose Weight?

Amomon means “fragrant spice plant” in Arabic and Hebraic and in Italian, canella means “little tube”. These are a few of the many terms given to the popular spice known


Stretches To Do Every Day

Stretching can be a little tedious but it is an incredibly important part of your fitness routine. When the muscles don’t get stretched out they tighten up and leave you

Weight Loss

What To Do When You Hit a Weight Loss Plateau

Hitting a plateau in your weight loss is pretty common and not anything to worry about. Generally it is just a hint that it’s time to make some more tweaks


Breaking Your Sugar Habit

Sugar in its natural state like what is found in fruit is healthy in moderation as a part of a balanced diet, but what we don’t need in our diet