Are Raspberry Ketones Effective For Weightloss?

Are Raspberry Ketones Effective For Weightloss

Not many people know what raspberry ketones are. The natural scent compound is found in raspberries, cranberries, and blackberries and contributes to fruits sweet smells. In everyday use raspberry ketones are commonly extracted from the berries and used in perfumes or as a food additive. More recently raspberry ketones have become popular as a weight loss supplement. During a recent segment on his popular television show, Dr. Oz described the compound as a “miracle fat burner in a bottle.” So now we ask, is Dr. Oz telling the truth?

It really depends who you ask. Some research suggests there is a correlation between the use of raspberry ketones and increased metabolism. The research, done primarily on mice and rats, shows that raspberry ketones regulate adiponectin. Adiponectin is a protein the body uses to regulate metabolism.  Weight loss products use this research to support their claims that raspberry ketones help break up the fat in your cells more efficiently, helping you lose weight quickly.

Despite the claims, there is actually no hard evidence to suggest raspberry ketones have this weight loss effect in humans. Based on the suggested average estimated daily intake of the compound, clinical evidence claims the effect of raspberry ketones on weight loss is minimal to none.

The main criticism of using raspberry ketones as a weight loss supplement by the scientific world points to the research itself. Studies on rats and mice to test raspberry ketones used doses upwards of 4761 times greater than the average human intake. It is only when studies used doses this large the mice and rats lost weight. Raspberry ketones are not supplied to consumers in doses this high. The suggested dose for a human is 100mg per day, or .01 percent body fat. To get the same affects as the mouse or rat, a human would have to be given a dose equal to 2 percent of their total body weight.

So, are raspberry ketones a “miracle fat burner in a bottle?” Just like any weight loss product that markets itself as the final solution, certain lifestyle changes still have to be made. No one can take a pill, then eat a slice of pizza and expect to lose weight. Losing weight takes hard work and dedication. Anyone serious about losing weight needs to change their diet and exercise routine. With a healthy lifestyle change, it is possible raspberry ketones can assist and even promote weight loss.

At the end of the day, only you know what works for you. It is very likely that while raspberry ketones may work for one individual, it may not work for another. Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration has awarded raspberry ketones with a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status, so there is no danger in trying it to find out for yourself.

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