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MaxGenics Reviews

Growth Fuel Review – Scam Or Legit?

Growth Fuel by MaxGenics – Review I’ve been working out for almost 40 years (I’m 52 now) and I’m happy to say I’ve kept myself in pretty good shape. I

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5 Hidden Calcium Sources (You Won’t Guess #4)

Milk and calcium go hand in hand. It’s what we’re taught from a young age. Like many things we learn when we’re young, what we learned about milk isn’t entirely

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The Tapeworm Diet

There is nothing appealing at glance about swallowing a tapeworm in the name of losing a few pounds, and yet some people still turn to this weird decision. Using tapeworms

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Fried Food: What’s YOUR Risk Level?

When it comes to eating healthy everyone can benefit. Eating fried and processed foods are not good for anyone, but it turns out that that they might be even worse

Weight Loss

What To Do When You Hit a Weight Loss Plateau

Hitting a plateau in your weight loss is pretty common and not anything to worry about. Generally it is just a hint that it’s time to make some more tweaks


Breaking Your Sugar Habit

Sugar in its natural state like what is found in fruit is healthy in moderation as a part of a balanced diet, but what we don’t need in our diet

Men's Health

When Do You REALLY Need a Check-Up?

When you get into the swing of everyday life it can seem like a real pain to have to head to the doctor or the dentist when you’re not sick


Whole Body Research 100% Whole Food Prenatal Review

Why 100% Whole Food Prenatal Vitamins? You always hear people say that a pregnant woman is “eating for two”. This is true – but not in the way that most


Herbs for Dental Health

Taking care of your teeth is essential yet many do not realize that there are alternative remedies to over-the-counter mainstream products. Below are some herbs for dental health instead of

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Your Hidden Skin Allergy

Allergic reactions to skin products can often be hard to pinpoint because they can develop over time, and because a lot of products have so many ingredients in them it