Can You Use the Power of Cold to Lose Weight?

cold womanThe body’s inner power and tangle of energetic impulses often enables it to do so many things on its own. This could be the case when using the power of cold to lose weight. The concept has become somewhat of an underground weight loss movement while science is still yet to back up this technique until more rigorous, double-blind studies are documented.

Thermal Dieting

One form of using the power of cold to lose weight may be extreme. Basically you fill a bathtub with water and ice and then sit in it for as long as possible until your body begins shivering. It is this shivering that is allegedly fat burning at work. According to Tim Ferris, an entrepreneur, author and public speaker looking for that next money making hit, ‘thermal dieting’ has become his brainchild. He comments, “Your body wants to be 98.6 degrees, and if your body temperature is lowered, it will do everything it can to get back to 98.6 degrees. It burns calories as heat, and most of those calories come from fat,” This idea sounds promising and has had some professed success mostly from the throngs of people looking for that next quick fix. Through his book Ferris has been able to once again convince the public into paying for yet another fleeting diet fad as he sucks from the weight loss golden cow teat. However, there are less extreme, safer ways that may be minimally beneficial.

Some Studies Step Up

Two studies below show possible fat burning capability not from ice baths but from simple atmospheric cold manipulation.

A Japanese study titled ‘Recruited brown adipose tissue as an antiobesity agent in humans’ published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI-2013) reported that, “Brown adipose tissue (BAT) burns fat to produce heat when the body is exposed to cold and plays a role in energy metabolism.” and “Daily 2-hour cold exposure at 17°C for 6 weeks resulted in a parallel increase in BAT activity and CIT (cold increased increments) and a concomitant decrease in body fat mass.”

Another study titled ‘Cold acclimation recruits human brown fat and increases non shivering thermogenesis’ published in 2013 also in JCI stated, “The combined results suggest that a variable indoor environment with frequent cold exposures might be an acceptable and economic manner to increase energy expenditure and may contribute to counteracting the current obesity epidemic.”

Is Cold Temperature Dieting For You?

Overall, a healthy non-processed food diet and a daily exercise regiment is the number one fat loss recipe. Adding in weight loss supplements or fads may peripherally help but none of these on their own will create long lasting, healthy results. Using the power of cold to lose weight, if done responsibly like simply lowering your thermostat or opening windows on a cool night, could be minimally beneficial. Always check with your doctor to make sure any weight loss path is the right one for you.

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