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How To Avoid Getting Sick Traveling Abroad

We tend to take our health while we travel for granted. But with the current Ebola outbreak overtaking the news, as overblown as it is, it serves as a good

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Men: 3 Medical Tests To Avoid

  Going to the Doc’s For Your Yearly Check Up? Avoid These Tests. Ever go to the doctor’s office and feel like you’d spent far too much money on exams

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Is Your Acne Treatment Harming Your Skin?

Choosing An Acne Treatment That’s Right For You Finding the right acne treatment for your skin can be a daunting task. With so many different products out there, using a

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Which Foods Have The Most Pesticides? You Might Be Surprised!

The harmful effects of pesticides are a real concern for many Americans today.  However, the health benefits of fruits and vegetables outweigh the potential risks that pesticides serve. Although pesticides

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Is There a Cancer-Probiotics Connection?

People have started to understand just  how important probiotics are in restoring the balance of good bacteria to our guts. While there are probiotic-rich foods like yogurt you can add

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5 Hidden Calcium Sources (You Won’t Guess #4)

Milk and calcium go hand in hand. It’s what we’re taught from a young age. Like many things we learn when we’re young, what we learned about milk isn’t entirely

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Drop The Diet Soda Can And Live Longer

Recent studies have found that women who frequently consume diet sodas may be more at risk for heart attacks, blood clots and other cardiovascular problems than women who don’t drink

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The Tapeworm Diet

There is nothing appealing at glance about swallowing a tapeworm in the name of losing a few pounds, and yet some people still turn to this weird decision. Using tapeworms

Latest News Women's Health

Shocking: 1 in 600 Don’t Know They’re Pregnant Until Labor!

As strange and unlikely as it sounds, as many as one in 600 women will not know that they are pregnant until they are about to give birth or go

Latest News Weight Loss

Will This Common Spice Help You Lose Weight?

Amomon means “fragrant spice plant” in Arabic and Hebraic and in Italian, canella means “little tube”. These are a few of the many terms given to the popular spice known