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Men: 3 Medical Tests To Avoid

  Going to the Doc’s For Your Yearly Check Up? Avoid These Tests. Ever go to the doctor’s office and feel like you’d spent far too much money on exams

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What To Look For In Natural Enlarged Prostate Supplements

How to find the right natural supplement for your enlarged prostate. Benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH is an affliction that affects over half of men over 50. It’s responsible for

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Fried Food: What’s YOUR Risk Level?

When it comes to eating healthy everyone can benefit. Eating fried and processed foods are not good for anyone, but it turns out that that they might be even worse

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When Do You REALLY Need a Check-Up?

When you get into the swing of everyday life it can seem like a real pain to have to head to the doctor or the dentist when you’re not sick

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Recent Study Reveals New Way to Fight Cancer

Cancer Research Finds New Drug in Swedish Study Researchers in a recent Swedish study found that a new drug can kill dormant cancer cells. These findings are pivotal in cancer

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Does Vitamin C Really Prevent Colds?

Vitamin C is one of the most popularly suggested cold remedies around (besides chicken soup.) But lately it has experienced some criticism over whether it actually works or not to

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Natural Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is a relative term, because everyone loses hair all day long, sometimes up to 100 strands of hair each day. That in itself is not usually enough to

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Could Chromium Help Your Weight Loss?

Some people have used the metal chromium in an effort to stimulate weight loss. Chromium is considered an essential trace element because the body does not make it and we need

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Tips for Keeping Your Metabolism High

Part of feeling good can include looking our best, and keeping the metabolism as high as possible at all times is an easy way to avoid any unnecessary weight gain.

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Whole Body Research True Prostate Flow Review

Whole Body Research Prostate Flow Review The Problem: Growing Prostate You probably already know that the prostate gland grows during puberty and then it stops until around the age of