Is Your Acne Treatment Harming Your Skin?

acne treatmentChoosing An Acne Treatment That’s Right For You

Finding the right acne treatment for your skin can be a daunting task. With so many different products out there, using a combination of creams, foams, scrubs, serums, moisturizers and other components, it’s nearly impossible to decipher what it is that works for you.

Not only is there enough products out there to make your head spin, everybody’s different – so what might work for one person might not work for another.

In the search for effective acne treatments that will work best for your skin, there’s a few things you have to consider, all of which are linked in one way or another. Here’s what you need to pay close attention to if you really want to rid yourself of acne and obtain clear, pimple-free skin.

Skin Type

This is important, as your skin type will ultimately dictate how your body reacts to a specific treatment, so what kind of skin do you have? Is it dry and rough? Is it patchy and sandy? Is it oily and moisturized? Is it somewhere in between?

It’s a common myth that only people with oily skin can get acne, but that simply isn’t true, although they are more prone to breakouts than those without oily skin. Both oily-skinned and dry-skinned people can experience horrible acne, but the way to treat the two of them is very different.

Oily skin often requires a holistic treatment, combining oral supplements that affect the hormones and oil-producing mechanisms deep in the skin that cause acne. Treatments that only have a topical element to them are often useless on this type of skin.

On the other hand, those with dry skin have acne that is caused by buildups of dry skin and other debris. For people with this type of skin, an exfoliating cream is a necessity, as it clears the dry skin that is blocking their pores and causing the acne.

Somewhere in between lies those with neither excessively oily nor excessively dry skin. These people usually require an array of treatments in order to see significant results.

Acne Type

The type of acne that you’re experiencing is a huge factor in discovering the proper treatment for your acne.

There’s essentially four different types of acne. They are, in order from least serious to most problematic, as follows:

Whiteheads and Blackheads these are the most common forms of acne, the result of blocked pores that may or may not break the surface of the skin. These types of acne are the most easily treated, often going away within a few days of applying a simple topical treatment.

Pustules and Papules– These types of acne are the ones that most people think of when they see acne. Red, swollen bumps with a whitish, yellowy, pussy center. They usually collect around the mouth and the forehead, and are often popped, leading to more problems. These are deeper-rooted than whiteheads and blackheads, but can also treated topically, usually needing several different treatments.

Cystic and Nodule Acne – The most painful and deep-rooted acne, this type of acne is also the most difficult to treat. Cysts and nodules appear similar to pustules and papules, but their roots are below several layers of skin. These pimples form deep, deep under the skin, making topical treatments mostly useless. The only way to really treat cystic and nodular acne is by utilizing an oral treatment that works to remove the deep roots of these types of acne. Topical creams are practically useless.


Although less important than the other two factors, age plays a big part in what kind of treatment works best for you.

As we get older, our skin begins to thin out, making it more sensitive to treatment. That’s why harsh treatments like benzoyl peroxide can be great for younger people, but it can seriously damage the skin in older people.

Likewise, younger people tend to have more oily skin, due to the constant flux of hormones that occur during the teenage years and early adulthood. Therefore, their treatment will differ from adult treatment.

So What Treatment Is Best For Me?

That’s not an easily answered question, because everyone is different. Some people have taken years to discover a skin care product that works for them. Many fall short of both expectations and advertising – Proactiv amongst them – and leave people angry and disheartened.

However, a breakthrough new treatment has just hit the market that seeks to cover every type of acne. This treatment, called Clarity Complete, is unlike any other product out there, and it could very well start jockeying with the big boys like Neutrogena and Proactiv.

By combining an all-natural, synthetic free oral supplement with an array of topical treatments – a spot cleanser, an exfoliating wash, a daily scrub, and a moisturizer – Clarity Complete seeks a holistic, rather than directed treatment, covering every type of acne out there.

The oral supplement is a powerful new innovation, working to uproot acne deep in the skin, like cysts and nodules, and even pustules, while the other treatments are perfect for eliminating the topical pimples like whiteheads and blackheads. It has even been shown to reduce acne scarring.

The topical treatments in Clarity Complete utilize salycic acid, a treatment that is less harmful for sensitive skin than benzoyl peroxide, which can leave skin red and inflamed. This is especially useful in treating adult acne, which as noted earlier, is more sensitive to benzoyl peroxide.

We recently awarded Clarity Complete the 2014 Health Headlines Acne Treatment Of The Year.

Read our Clarity Complete Acne Treatment Review.



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