Could Chromium Help Your Weight Loss?

Chromium_crystals_and_1cm3_cubeSome people have used the metal chromium in an effort to stimulate weight loss. Chromium is considered an essential trace element because the body does not make it and we need to consume small amounts of it for optimum health. Chromium works by being able to control the blood sugar. Besides weight loss efforts chromium has been used to treat polycystic ovary syndrome, depression, and balancing out the cholesterol levels.

For people who use chromium to affect the look of their body, besides losing weight and reducing fat they may use it to increase their muscle mass. It is thought to work in this regard because of its ability to stabilize the blood sugar levels and improve how the body uses its insulin. Theoretically chromium should be a great option for weight loss because it is inexpensive to buy and it is not a stimulant like so many diet and weight loss drugs. But it turns out that chromium might only help you lose weight if you are deficient in it, but not if you already are at your full capacity. The body doesn’t make extra use of chromium over a certain amount. An adequate amount of chromium in the diet is around 25 micrograms, which can be found in about a cup of broccoli. It is unlikely that you are deficient in the substance unless you have a health condition that is affecting your chromium levels.

Some studies have shown that taking chromium might help lose some weight but it is not definitive. The amount of fat lost on volunteers in some of the studies was too negligible to claim it as a great fat reducing tool. It is proven however that taking chromium picolinate can reduce the fasting blood sugar levels and lower insulin levels. Some studies show that chromium may be able to prevent weight the weight gain that some diabetics encounter when they are taking certain medications for their diabetes. Doses of higher chromium may work even more efficiently in this manner.

Chromium is considered generally safe if you take it for shorter periods of time, and might be safe in the long term as well. People who experience symptoms encounter things like irritations to the skin, headaches, nausea, getting dizzy, and feeling a distinct change in their mood. Some people taking high doses of chromium have experience more extreme side effects but it is not clear whether the side effects were directly related to the chromium itself. These side effects have included blood disorders and damage to the kidneys. If you have preexisting kidney issues or liver disease you should not take chromium to rule out the potential side effects. People who take diabetes medications should be careful taking chromium since it might end up lowering your blood sugar levels to an unhealthy rate. Chromium can also exacerbate conditions such as schizophrenia, or other psychiatric conditions. Always check with your doctor before adding a new supplement to your diet.

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