Growth Fuel Review – Scam Or Legit?

I chose MaxGenics Growth Fuel to help me build muscle.

MaxGenics Growth Fuel – Muscle Growth Optimization Matrix

Growth Fuel by MaxGenics – Review

I’ve been working out for almost 40 years (I’m 52 now) and I’m happy to say I’ve kept myself in pretty good shape. I lift weights a few times a week, hike or ride my bike on the weekends, and play golf regularly.

Compared to most men in their early 50s, I’m pretty darn healthy. My blood pressure is excellent, my stress-test showed that my heart is as healthy as a 25 year old’s, and besides the occasional aspirin for joint pain, I don’t take any medication.

I should be thankful for what I’ve got. Call me vain, but I still have one complaint:

I’ve never been able to gain much muscle.

I’m 6’ tall and just 150 pounds dripping wet. Even after years of lifting weights, when I tell people I’m going to the gym, they seem surprised.

“You work out? Really?”

When I look in the mirror, I see an older version of that painfully skinny 16 year-old I was in high school. Sure I’ve filled out a little bit, but my arms are still pipe-cleaner thin. And even though I have a decent swing and years of experience, I STILL have a hard time hitting the ball over 200 yards at the driving range.

Sure, having great health at 52 is great. But let’s face it, it’s not enough.

I need more muscle.

So I decided to do a little research and figure out how I could gain muscle mass, quickly and easily.

The first, most obvious ‘short-cut’ to more muscle – anabolic steroids – was out of the question. I don’t even want to think about touching that stuff. Way too many side effects.

Thankfully, when I looked further, I found out that I had much safer options. Other guys were seeing gains with ‘natural’ muscle building supplements that had none of the side effects associated with steroids.

The first products I came across were natural ‘nitric oxide’ supplements, (stuff like Force Factor, NOx Explode, and others) that make your muscles bigger by enhancing blood flow – giving you a nice but short-lived ‘pump’ after a workout.

This would be great if I was only looking for a temporary boost in muscle size. However, I was more interested in permanent gains, so I decided to look further.

I found another muscle building supplement, called Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics, that claimed to enhance muscle growth by helping your body naturally optimize levels of 5 key hormones:

  • testosterone – key for muscle and strength gains, and overall ‘manliness’ – Natubolic Growth Fuel helps boost it with fenugreek seed.
  • growth hormone – helps build lean muscle while burning body fat – Natubolic Growth Fuel increases your body’s production with colostrum.
  • insulin – major anabolic hormone responsible for muscle growth and recovery – Natubolic Growth Fuel uses Alpha Lipolic Acid to increase your body’s insulin sensitivity for more muscle gains.
  • estrogen – most men my age have too much estrogen. By controlling estrogen levels, men can see more muscle, more energy, and less body fat. Natubolic Growth Fuel uses DIM to naturally control excess estrogens
  • and cortisol – as the main stress hormone, cortisol can eat away at your muscle gains and damage your health. Natubolic Growth Fuel uses Rhodiola Rosea to decrease cortisol levels for better gains (and quicker recovery)

I’ve heard claims like this before, so I decided to do a quick look on pubMed (the National Institutes of Health’s online clinical trial database) to see if there was any validity to these claims. I was impressed to see that each of the ingredients in Natubolic Growth Fuel had been studied extensively and had helped boost natural testosterone & growth hormone production, decrease estrogen and cortisol, and increase insulin sensitivity – all keys to gaining maximum muscle mass, losing body fat, and increasing strength and performance.

Is Natubolic Growth Fuel working for Me?

I’d love to tell you that Natubolic Growth Fuel gave me enormous ‘guns’ and a 450 yard tee-shot, overnight, but let’s get real – it takes time to grow.

But with that said, I’m a month in to my Natubolic Growth Fuel test and I’m very happy with the results I’m seeing so far. All of my lifts in the gym have improved, I’ve gained 5 pounds of lean muscle, and I’ve been hit the ball farther, with less effort. My arms even look thicker and more muscular (my wife’s been asking me to flex for her – which I happily oblige).

Would I recommend Natubolic Growth Fuel?

I’m definitely going to keep using this stuff for the time being. I feel like it’s helped me push past a plateau I’ve been on for a few years (ok, decades maybe!). I’ve got more muscle, more strength, and better performance than I’ve had in a long time, maybe ever. If you’re looking to gain some lean mass, it could very well be looking into.

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