Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Effective For Weight Loss?

Is Green  Coffee Bean Extract Effective For Weight Loss? So the days of being able to eat anything you want without gaining a pound are far behind you, and now it takes a little extra effort to be able button up those jeans.  So what?  If that extra effort takes the form of better nutrition, effective fitness, and the right supplements, it can only pay off in enormous dividends.  You can seriously look and feel more amazing than ever!

And it won’t take a miracle to pull it off, either.  Getting thinner and fitter is entirely doable, and there are a number of realistic paths to help you get there.  And among the masses of diets and elixirs on offer out there, from something to something, one seems to be breaking from the pack and getting considerable buzz: pure green coffee extract.  It’s being touted as the game-changer in the weight-loss arena.

So why is the coffee green?  Well, that’s the color that all coffee starts out when it’s picked, before they roast the hell out of it and subsequently almost everything in it that’s any good for you (except the caffeine, thank goodness!).  One of those good-for-you, pre-hellfire ingredients is something called chlorogenic acid (CA), which studies suggest may be the key to green coffee’s magical properties.  CA has been shown to inhibit the production of glucose (a fancy word for sugar, basically) in the liver, slow the body’s absorption of fat, and increase the body’s ability to metabolize extra fat–all of which contribute to overall weight loss (with proper diet and exercise, of course, but more on that in a minute).

OK, so that all sounds pretty good, but does any of it translate into real-world weight loss?  Does this mean that I’ll finally able to brush off the cobwebs from the skinny jeans I haven’t fit into since…well, a while ago…?  Actually, the news seems pretty good!  Dr. Oz has given green coffee extract the thumbs-up (along with proper precautions, of course).  And a recent scientific meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials conducted by the National Institutes of Health found that there is promising evidence that green coffee extract does contribute to a moderate increase in weight loss, as compared with a placebo.  It cautions that more rigorous analysis is called for, but overall, when combined with proper fitness and nutrition, green coffee extract can be just the thing that tips you over the edge of your ideal weight loss goal!

And as for the nitty-gritty, here are specifications for finding exactly the right supplement for you:  Make sure that the ingredients list either GCA [circle-R] (green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol [circle-R], and that it isn’t merely labeled “pure.”  It must contain one of these essential components.  And beware: If the supplement’s ingredients aren’t listed, don’t buy it!  They’re obviously hiding something.  Also, buy only a product that contains at least 45% CA, and take 400 mg 3 times a day, a half-hour before each meal.  And it is very important that the supplement contain no fillers or artificial ingredients–which tend to lower overall efficacy.

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