Is Konjac Root Effective For Weight Loss?

Konjac Root With so many weight loss products on the market, each one promising better results than the next, it can be rather confusing to find the right one that will actually help you to shed pounds. Many products on the market that are dedicated to helping individuals lose weight contain konjac root, which many individuals don’t actually recognize or know about.

What is Konjac Root?

Konjac root is an actual root that is taken from a naturally growing Asian plant that has been used for centuries to help treat several different types of medical problems. Asians had discovered years ago that when the root of this plant is consumed, it has properties that aid in decreasing the caloric intake of your digestive system, as it makes you feel fuller faster. When this root is used in natural weight loss supplements, it has the same effect, which has caused some manufacturers to market it as a weight loss godsend.  It is important to recognize that konjac root is also represented as glucomannan on some ingredient labels, however even by this different name it is intended to function the same.

Are There Risks Associated with Konjac Root?

One of the reasons why konjac root has not been more widely publicized as the answer to all weight loss problems is the fact that there are some serious side effects associated with this plant. Not only do supplements commonly cause abdominal pain, gas and diarrhea in users, but it also has been known to cause digestive blocks when it is not taken with sufficient amounts of water. For those individuals who are diabetic, taking these supplements without consulting a physician first can also result in the development of hypoglycemia. These risks might sound standard with most supplements, however many countries across the globe have deemed them serious enough to ban supplements containing konjac root. For all these reasons it is extremely important to consult a physician prior to consuming any product that contains konjac root to ensure that these negative effects do not turn into a more serious problem.

Is Konjac Root Truly Beneficial for Weight Loss?

While there are many individuals who would swear by the results they attained from products that contain konjac root, this is not a weight loss supplement ingredient that has been touted by the medical community yet. As a long-term strategy for weight loss, this root has not been scientifically validated for its abilities.  In fact, researchers have trouble getting past some of the side effects that this supplement causes and the fact that supplements containing konjac root are actually banned in certain parts of the world. Because of the risks and the inability to attain a scientific stamp of approval, there is no way to entirely vouch for konjac root as a weight loss mainstay. A healthy diet and reasonable, regular exercise still remain the best options for weight loss and those who choose to use konjac root do so at their own risk.

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