Is Your Diet Soda Giving You Cancer?

Is Your Diet Soda Giving You Cancer?While most individuals tend to have the impression that diet soda is a better alternative to traditional soda, this type of thinking could actually be wrong. There are some newer studies which have revealed that diet soda may actually be more harmful for you than other types of soda due to the inclusion of aspartame. Aspartame is a type of artificial sweetener, similar to Splenda, Sweet-n-Low or Nutrasweet, that can be found in several diet sodas that are commonly consumed by individuals on a daily basis. That’s right, those multi-colored packets that are on every restaurant table can actually be the culprit of much turmoil and distress to those who don’t consume them in moderation.

What does the research say?

As revealed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, individuals who drink more than one diet soda with aspartame per day actually increased their chances of developing a particular type of cancer in the blood. While the men used in this study could have developed cancer for other causes, the correlation between the diet sodas and the cancer is undeniable. According to NaturalNews, the artificial sweeteners in diet soda make drinking three or four cans per day more physically dangerous for you than smoking a full pack of cigarettes in a day. Even though the chemicals in cigarettes are entirely unhealthy for your body, there are chemicals in diet soda that can mutate the DNA of cells and lead to digestive problems, and ultimately cancer. That’s enough to make you put down the can of soda that’s in your hand, right?

The other risks of diet soda

Even if you are among the many individuals who doesn’t necessarily feel there is a correlation between cancer and diet soda, there have been other studies which suggest there are negative effects of overdoing this drink. Kidney failure, weight gain and strokes have all been associated with diet drinks as well, making it somewhat difficult to believe they are any better for you than their non-diet counterparts. Not to be forgotten, drinking a lot of diet soda can cause your teeth to stain, your body to become dehydrated and it doesn’t help you to lose weight, it simply has fewer calories than other soda. In fact, some researchers argue that synthetic sugars, like those in diet sodas, can cause your body to actually be hungrier than normal, causing an individual to actually gain weight rather than losing it.

Whether or not you believe that diet soda can in fact cause cancer and cause other health issues is a personal decision. However, keep in mind that there is nothing in diet drinks that necessarily make them any better than any other drinks on the market. So, if there aren’t necessarily any benefits to drinking this type of soda, why take the risk of there being a negative as big as cancer to it? There are plenty of other tasty alternatives to soda that are on the market and certainly should be chosen over these cans…like water!!

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