Lawrence Supplements – Ultra Prostate Support Formula Review

Lawrence Supplements Ultra Prostate Support FormulaLawrence Supplements has released a new product, the Ultra Prostate Support Formula. As men get older, their prostate once again starts growing. For men over 40, BPH or benign prostate hyperplasia is a common problem that can cause a number of symptoms such as frequent urination, increased urgency to go, waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, weak stream, and incomplete emptying of the bladder. All of these problems can be serious issues in your day to day life– no one wants to be rushing to the bathroom or worrying about whether or not they’re going to make it in time. Fortunately there are some natural herbs and extracts that have been proven to be effective for addressing the issues associated with an enlarged prostate.

Lawrence Supplements has released a new Ultra Prostate Support Formula that is supposed to provide improved prostate health and it contains several ingredients that have been shown in clinical trials to be effective for addressing the causes and effects of an enlarged prostate. Created by John Lawrence, the inventor of PHGH, Lawrence Supplements’ Ultra Prostate Support Formula is a supplement that was created for men, by men, and was formulated in the USA under strict GMP guidelines. Not only that, but Lawrence Supplements utilizes 3rd-party testing to ensure that their supplements are potent, pure, and free of any harmful ingredients.

I have had a problem in recent years where I would have to wake up very early in the morning to go to the bathroom and sometimes, I would dribble a little bit after I was done urinating. I figured this was just a natural result of an enlarged prostate and so  I started doing some research about different natural remedies to help my problem. When looking for different things that would work I ran across this supplement by Lawrence Supplements, so I decide to give it a try.

After three weeks of using it, I noticed that my urine stream was MUCH stronger and I no longer had that embarrassing problem of dribbling after I was done urinating. Thank GOD. As someone that has to do important business everyday, the last thing I want to deal with in a meeting is wet spots around my crotch.  So I am really glad I found this stuff.

If you have been experiencing similar problems to what I was, I recommend trying the Lawrence Supplements’ Ultra Prostate Support Formula as it worked great for me and now I can sleep in on the weekends and not have to rush to the bathroom as soon as I get home from work.

It sells for about 30 dollars a bottle, which works out to about a dollar per day. It seems to help my problem, so to me, that’s a great deal. To find out more about Lawrence Supplements’ Ultra Prostate Support Formula, check out their website, 

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