MyFitnessPal Review: Fitness App Of The Year

MyFitnessPalWinner: 2014 Health Headlines Fitness App Of The Year

After evaluating many fitness apps, my personal weight loss results with MyFitnessApp has led us to naming it the Fitness App Of The Year. Learn why below.

MyFitnessPal Saved My Marriage

MyFitnessApp ReviewI’ve been writing about health and nutrition for several years,but I seldom discuss my personal life.

I know quite a bit about health and nutrition, but the truth is, I’ve struggled over the years to take my own advice.

Between work and kids and marriage, it’s easier to “say” than to “do.”

After I had been married for 4 years, I realized I had become somewhat of a cliché.

Around the time I started writing for Sean at Health Headlines, I had gained almost 25 pounds since my wedding. My husband and I were struggling and we had stopped being intimate.

It wasn’t that we gave up.  My husband never stopped loving me or finding me attractive.

But with all of the weight gain, I didn’t find myself attractive. I’d lost my ability to feel sexy…  which meant no matter how hard he tried, I just couldn’t bring myself to be intimate with my husband. And it created a lot of tension in our relationship.

So here I was, giving health advice to people when I couldn’t get my own house in order.

My husband is a good man and he tried so hard to be a good partner.

He made time for us. We took cooking classes, went bowling, and even signed up for tango lessons. But intimacy remained this source of anxiety for me.

I just didn’t feel good about myself.

I had all the tools, all the knowledge to get into shape. But I was struggling to stay organized. I was failing to succeed on my own.

So I sought out help.

I went to a nutritionist, hoping that having a cheerleader and coach could get me on track. But I failed to make time to commit to staying on a regimen.

One day, I was talking about my weight-loss struggle with Sean. He said to me something like, “Nancy, this is absurd. You’re an organized, dedicated person. Manage your health like you manage your content schedule.”

Sean had a good point. I use a calendar on my computer to keep track of my writing, so why not apply it to my fitness?

meal day 2So I turned to technology to find a comparable management system and found an app called MyFitnessPal.

I fell in love with their design and easy to use food tracker. I signed up for a free account and downloaded their application right away.

Their food tracker helps you count not just calories, but nutritional factors like fat, carbohydrates and sugars.

I finally had a system to take control of my own health and wellness.

It’s only been a year since I downloaded that app, and I’ve lost almost 28 pounds since then. Fitness now seeps into every part of my life, not just my writing.

The progress I’ve made has really improved my self-confidence and my relationship with my husband has been transformed.

I feel like myself again.

My marriage (and sex life) have never been stronger.

I still have a little more weight to lose, but with MyFitnessPal, I have every tool I need to get that done.

With how effective MyFitnessPal is, they could easily charge people to use their application…. But they don’t.

They do their part to help people like me take control of their own health, and they ask for nothing in return.

It is because of my personal experience and success with MyFitnessPal that we’ve named it the Health Headlines 2014 Fitness App Of the Year.

I highly recommend you check out MyFitnessPal for yourself at their website or check out the app on your mobile device.

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