Natural Hair Loss Treatments

thinning hairHair loss is a relative term, because everyone loses hair all day long, sometimes up to 100 strands of hair each day. That in itself is not usually enough to notice or cause concern. What we think of as problematic hair loss occurs when we have hereditary and hormonal hair loss that results in a change in appearance. Increased hair loss can occur during pregnancy, from some medications, during thyroid dysfunction, issues with scalp blood flow, nutrient deficiencies, and just pure genetics in both men and women. A general rule of thumb is that treating hair loss as soon as possible will usually yield better long-term results in preventing and reversing hair loss. Here are some natural things you might try before you head to more drastic measures.

Adjust Your Diet

If a hormonal imbalance is a possible culprit, you might be able to make a change by eating less meat. Some researchers believe that an increase in animal fat causes inflammation in the body, which can lead to things like hair loss. Getting your essential fatty acids however is crucial. Find these in avocadoes, walnuts, fish, and flaxseed. Find protein in lean sources like eggs, fish, and soy. Get more biotin in your diet through nuts, brown rice, and oats. Get iron from foods like cashews, berries, and leafy vegetables. (Put pair it with vitamin C to get the most absorption benefits.)

If you might have an underactive thyroid (which leads to hair thinning), aim to get more iodine in your diet. Sea vegetables of all types are a good source of iodine like kelp or nori.


Taking a B vitamin supplement that covers all the B necessities might help increase blood circulation to the scalp, which helps with hair growth.

The herb Saw Palmetto seems to make a difference in hair growth when men take it as a supplement.

MSM, or Methylsulfonylmethane helps the body produce keratin which is a necessary protein for hair growth and sustainability.

Vitamin C can be a great supplement for the hair, as it boosts the production of collagen, which keeps the hair strong and resists breakage.

Vitamin E is necessary to keep the hair strong and to nourish already damaged hair follicles.

Silica and zinc taken together might be able to keep your hair strong and healthy.

External Application

Rosemary oil is thought to be a good option to rub directly onto the scalp to increase circulation. You can also add some to your shampoo to get a dose on a daily basis.

Coconut oil is a great skin moisturizer and healer and can be ingested or applied directly to the scalp. Vitamin E can be rubbed directly on the hair as well.

Some people swear by rubbing the scalp with garlic to promote collagen stimulation and hair growth, but be sure you set aside some time to deal with the lingering smell before you head out into the world.

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