Is Your Body Trying To Tell You Something?

Two Friends Whispering Secrets in the Ear.Some research has found that people can accurately guess how tall you are within a close range based on just the sound of your voice. This might be due to the sound that is produced through voice in the lower part of the lungs. When you are taller it creates a deeper sound. This is called the subglottal resonance.

Your eyes can actually give clues in to how healthy your brain is. People with wider veins in their eyes score worse on IQ tests. They also might be able to show if your risk is high for developing heart disease.

People who experience sleep apnea might be at a higher risk for developing glaucoma of the eye. In fact they seem to be twice as likely to develop it. Glaucoma that lead to blindness. Sleep apnea can cause this by cutting off some of the oxygen that you need which can damage the optic nerves and change some of the gasses in your eyes which is problematic.

There might be a link between how your skin ages and your risk of developing heart disease. Some research has found that the more wrinkles people get as they age the more likely they are to have higher blood pressure, and vice versa.

One study claims that men with long index fingers might be at a lower risk for developing prostate cancer.

People can literally smell your fear because the body chemistry changes and your smell slightly changes. When you sweat you release pheromes and different ones are released when you are in fear as opposed to at ease.

Women’s sad tears reduce men’s sexual arousal. Studies have been done where men sniffed tears from sadness and their physiological measures of arousal drop including testosterone, and they can express the occurance of this as well.

There is a link between heart health and the ear. When a diagonal crease appears on the earlobe it can indicate that the person is more likely to develop coronary artery disease. Researchers are unsure why.

There seems to be some link between cold sores and dementia, although it is not clear why. One study found that people who experienced more extreme amounts of cold sores were more likely to have poor cognition skills.

Yawning really is contagious, but less so in the summer than in the winter. Yawning seems to keep us more alert because the brain can heat up during intense activity and the yawn can function to cool it back down.

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