Stressbuster to Balance and Ease Stress Management


Why is Management of Symptoms of Stress in Our Lives Important?

It is not just important; it’s detrimental to our overall health and well-being. As a meditation guru, stress is the main cause of my knowledge on deep breathing and meditative practice as part of a daily routine. Most of the time, not even that can curb the stressors life brings. A busy day at work, challenging relationships, heavy load of grad-school homework, unfulfilling jobs, moving, managing finances, paying bills and student loans, disciplining your children—they all cause stress.

Let’s face it—it’s a sad truth that stress is a part of our daily life no matter how we try to avoid it. And while a little bit of stress is all right and sometimes beneficial, too much stress will wear you down and even make you sick, both mentally and physically! The symptoms of stress are severe and affect so many aspects of our daily lives! Our emotions, behaviors, thinking abilities and our physical health all become jeopardized when stress plays too large a part in our lives.

Stress causes your body to release hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol, into the body and causing it to have a physical and mental reaction. Muscles tighten, breath quickens, focus dwindles and you can feel your heart pounding faster. The symptoms–they’re scary to think about and even worse, to try and manage on our own. It all sounds overwhelming, but the truth is stress is always going to be a part of life. What really matters the most is how to handle it.

There are tons of remedies out there, specific to each person to help cope with stress management in a healthy and productive way! Write, let your feelings out, do activities you enjoy, focus on the present, and exercise! But if you’re like me and the meditations don’t quite do the trick, there are some great competing supplements on the market to help ease stress in a healthy way.

Scoped out below is my review on a new product that other reviewers and consumers claim to be a great one!


One of the more recent talked about products by Whole Body Research is called “Stress Regress.” SO,

What is ‘Stress Regress’?

Stress Regress is made from ingredients like ashwagandha root, holy basil and reishi mushrooms that are specific to targeting both Adrenal fatigue and General Stress levels, making sure to give the body instant and sustained relief through prolonged usage. Stress Regress is made of 100% pure and natural herbs which makes it easily and instantly absorbed by your body. The herbal ingredients used are the leading herbal ingredients for stress relief so it’s guaranteed by Whole Body Research that you will see the desired results or your money back.

How does it help?

Studies claim the active ingredients in Stress Regress will reduce chronic fatigue, stress, and stress-induced signs of aging. It also relieves the body of symptoms of insomnia. Additionally, Stress Regress will increase your energy levels as well as your sense of well-being in high stress situations. Stress Regress works by inhibiting and controlling the flow of adrenaline while stabilizing the body’s hormone levels.

What Reviewers Have to Say

Reviewers and testimonials have claimed Whole Body Research stood out in terms of quality and integrity of their product. The use of all natural, non-threatening ingredients helps ease any added worry for the already stress-induced consumers. Satisfying results have been shared by lots of customers such as:

– I “feel an overall sense of well-being.”
– “I don’t really like to try pills, but this is really wonderful.”
– “Love this so far! I can tell a difference already!”
– “I am more than pleased…I am not worried that I may be putting bad things into my body with the products from this company.”


– It is the most natural, safe and effective way for the body to fight against stress and adrenal fatigue.
– It’s third-party tested to ensure safety, efficacy and quality.
– It is a vegetarian capsule containing no synthetic fillers, no magnesium stearate, no gluten and no animal by-products.
– If for some reason, Stress Regress doesn’t work for you, there is a 90-day money back guarantee!


– While online ordering is completely safe and secure, currently, you do have to order this product online from the company website.
– Each bottle provides a 30-day supply, so you’ll have to order each month or order in bulk.
– Each body is different so it’s important to consult a physician or medical adviser for your health benefit before starting this supplement program.

Final Thoughts

Readers and consumers suffering the symptoms of stress deserve a healthy and effective way to STOP feeling like this…


And START feeling like this…


While stress is a part of life, it’s dangerous to our health so it’s pretty important to consider if you are dealing with too much. If so, it is nice to know it can be handled with the safest and most efficient remedy for your overall wellness, longevity and happiness! I did not find a more widely respected and better-reviewed brand than Whole Body Research’s Stress Regress. If you’ve been looking for a healthy way out of stress and anxiety, ‘Stress Regress’ looks like the most natural and effective way to do so. If you’re interested in further review or trying ‘Stress Regress’ for yourself, it can be ordered from the Whole Body Research website here.

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