Supplement Round-Up: Whole Body Joint StimuFlex

Joint StimuFlexWhole Body Research has a new joint health supplement called Joint StimuFlex. I was happy to test this supplement because I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis since I turned about 40 and if you suffer from it like I do, when it’s wet and rainy outside it can be so painful you barely want to move. I have taken some joint supplements in the past and haven’t felt much in the way of results, so I was a bit skeptical that the StimuFlex by Whole Body Research would work, but apparently it contains a new ingredient that has only recently been discovered to be good for joint health. It’s called Natural Eggshell Membrane.

Natural Eggshell Membrane contains “glycosaminoglycans” that are part of what actually make up the joint tissue.

I took the Whole Body Research Joint StimuFlex for a whole month and the swelling and inflammation in my hands and other joints has gone down quite a bit. As a writer, I type a lot and so I use my fingers quite a bit. I can’t tell you how much better it is to work now that I’m not in constant discomfort.

I’ve tried Whole Body Research supplements in the past and have been impressed by the quality and dedication to customer care that the company offers. Not only do they quickly ship orders, but they also have a team of experts that offer nutritional advice and answer any questions customers may have. I had a question about whether or not the Joint StimuFlex formula was vegetarian (it is), so I called their customer service and they were very helpful.

If you have joint inflammation, arthritis, or just general joint pain, it could be that the tissue in your joints has begun to deteriorate. Taking a supplement containing Natural Eggshell Membrane could help repair the damage caused by stress, movement, and aging. The Whole Body Research Joint StimuFlex product also contains Boswellia extract which has been used for thousands of years as an herbal anti-inflammatory. The Whole Body Research Joint StimuFlex has worked great for me and it could work great for you too!

Click here>> to read more about Whole Body Research and Joint StimuFlex. 

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