Whole Body Research 100% Whole Food Prenatal Review

Why 100% Whole Food Prenatal Vitamins?

bellyYou always hear people say that a pregnant woman is “eating for two”. This is true – but not in the way that most people think. Most of the time, people hear this saying and assume it means that a woman should be eating twice as much food. This will only lead to excessive weight gain, which can cause all kinds of complications for both mommy and baby.

So if “eating for two” can cause so many complications, how did this saying become so popular?

It likely has to do with the vitamins and nutrients that a mommy-to-be needs in order to support the life that is growing inside of her. They don’t just have themselves to worry about; they have a tiny person to take care of as well. But it is really hard to get the wide range of vitamins and nutrients that a growing fetus needs – which is why most obstetricians recommend that their patients take prenatal vitamins.

What to Look for in Prenatal Vitamins:

prenatalBefore you even begin to look at the ingredient list, you should first make sure that whatever brand you buy has been third party tested. That label won’t mean anything if it hasn’t been verified by an independent lab.

Next, check to see what the ingredients are. If it is made out of synthetic vitamins like ascorbic acid or pteroylglutamic acid, skip it. These synthetic vitamins aren’t difficult for an adult body to absorb, let alone a developing fetus! Instead, choose a prenatal vitamin that is made out of whole-foods.

Now, the main difference between a prenatal vitamin and a regular multi-vitamin is that prenatals contain two very important nutrients for a growing baby: folic acid and iron. Most prenatal vitamins contain between 400-800mcg of folic acid, which is perfect for your developing baby.

The problem with most prenatal vitamins is that they usually contain too much iron – which can make you extremely sick. This is actually why so many women report problems with prenatal pills! So look out for high iron levels in your prenatal vitamins; more than 18 grams (100% of the recommended daily amount) and you may just be exacerbating your morning sickness.

Why is 100% Whole Food Prenatal the best?

Whole Body Research 100% Whole Food PrenatalWhen it comes to finding a whole-foods prenatal vitamin that has been 3rd party tested and doesn’t contain more than 100% of the recommended dose of iron, it is much easier said than done. But we did manage to find one that met all of our requirements – the Whole Body Research 100% Whole Food Prenatal Organic Fruit and Berry Blend.

Not only was this the best blend we could find, but it blew every other brand out of the water for one important reason: it was developed and manufactured right here in the United States. Most supplement companies save money by manufacturing their products overseas – which means that they are sending vital jobs over to other countries. By purchasing your prenatals from Whole Body Research, you are supporting job growth right here in our back yard.

So in addition to being great for both your body and your baby, purchasing your Prenatal Vitamins from Whole Body Research is also good for the country – which is why this is our absolute favorite prenatal vitamin on the market.

Price Comparison:

There are plenty of subpar prenatal vitamins out there cost mere pennies per day, but this is one of those situations where you really get what you pay for.  That’s because these types of prenatals are full of synthetic vitamins and harmful fillers, so a high-quality prenatal will naturally cost more.

If you compare the 100% Whole Food Prenatal blend with other whole-food products, however, the cost is about the same. The price starts at $39.99 for a one month supply, but that price is cut by up to 17% if you order in bulk – PLUS you get free shipping.


If you are pregnant (or plan on it soon), the best thing that you can do for both you and your baby is to get the right nutrition. The Whole Body Research 100% Whole Food Prenatal is the best way to make sure that happens.

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