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Leaf Origin

Leaf Origin is a new supplement company based out of Marina Del Rey, California, seeking to “provide health and happiness to fellow citizens of the world.” Leaf Origin seeks to


Stretches To Do Every Day

Stretching can be a little tedious but it is an incredibly important part of your fitness routine. When the muscles don’t get stretched out they tighten up and leave you

Men's Health

Align Probiotic Review

Align is a probiotic supplement that aims at helping to support good digestive health through the implementation of a unique, pure-strain probiotic called Bifantis. This supplement claims to restore balance

Women's Health

5 Probiotic Foods You Should Be Eating Now

If you have ever heard of titles like “Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal” it may come to no surprise that there are foods out there that are excellent for

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Is Your Diet Soda Giving You Cancer?

While most individuals tend to have the impression that diet soda is a better alternative to traditional soda, this type of thinking could actually be wrong. There are some newer

Men's Health

Stressbuster to Balance and Ease Stress Management

Why is Management of Symptoms of Stress in Our Lives Important? It is not just important; it’s detrimental to our overall health and well-being. As a meditation guru, stress is