Tech Geek Hacks His Diet And Drops 1/3 of His Weight

Untitled-1Brian McLaughlin used to arrive 20 minutes early to on-site client meetings. He would find the space closest to the building, and then slowly make his way to the door, trying to cool off by the short walk.

Despite the short trip, the movement and the heat made him sweat constantly in his suit.
McLaughlin had struggled with his weight his whole life. by age 10 he weighed 140 pounds and at age 20 he was 280 pounds. By 30, he had reached his heaviest weight of 330 pounds.
In 2010, McLaughlin moved from Ireland to New York, soon after landing a job as a software architect for the New York Stock Exchange. He went out to lunch and dinner with his new American co-workers in a great attempt to help socialize and make friends : sacrificing just about all hopes he had associated with eating healthy.

“I  was living a great bachelor lifestyle,” says McLaughlin. “I would eat and drink a ton, in which wreaked havoc on my weight.”

He tried the Atkins Diet and Weight Watchers but nothing seemed to be able to click.

Brian’s top Weight loss tips:

1. Eat plenty of good things. Never go hungry!

2. Allow yourself guilty pleasures, but track them.

3. When you fall off the wagon, take proper care to get back on as soon as possible.

4. Alternate Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Extract

He saw that his mother had great results from a diet method called Whole Body Transformation, which advocates swapping out two meals a day for nutritious shakes. He saw his girlfriend shed 100 pounds with Weight Watchers.

Seeing living confirmation that an individual can certainly lose weight inspired him to be able to make some changes regarding his own.
A social sacrifice

It was challenging to stop going out and ordering in for lunch and dinner, McLaughlin says. He was going out with his co-workers two times a week and indulging in a great number of strong cocktails and lavish three-course meals.

“I’d usually have an appetizer associated with cured meats, your biggest steak, or even a rack connected with lamb intended for main course, the side associated with vegetables sautéed with butter or perhaps oil, and then I crammed desserts like molten chocolate lava cake or perhaps chocolate ganache AND a cheese board with dessert wine to help finish,” says McLaughlin.

Between the three of them, McLaughlin says they would split three bottles of wine throughout dinner.

“I am unable to recall a meal which my partner and I had and walked away not feeling stuffed to the point of almost being sick,” he says. “Dinner and drinks probably added up  to 5,000 calories alone.”

Now he follows the Whole Body Transformation plan AND prepares his food from home. He has been replacing a few meals a day with nutritious, protein-rich shakes. While he does eat out, he chooses carefully.

“I love the dining experience and social aspect,” says McLaughlin. “But we understand the 6- or 8-ounce filet can be too much now.”

Mclaughlin says journaling helped in sticking to his weight loss plan. He likewise tries to skip cocktail hour now.

“Now my spouse and i tend to drink wine only, and we take pleasure in and savor the taste instead of just drinking for the sake and experience,” McLaughlin says.

Different diet, same result.
McLaughlin’s girlfriend, Annie Walker, says she found it tricky to cook during pregnancy during the relationship due to her different food needs.

She followed Weight Watchers as a reference point to limit calories. With Whole Body Transformation, McLaughlin would worry about every drop of oil, butter or cooking spray since these were restricted under the diet plan.

“As I cooked more and more my spouse and I realized several of the things he eats usually are actually good for me,” says Walker. “And quite a few things I eat aren’t so bad for him, either.”

Neither Walker nor McLaughlin have gym memberships; they very easily walk a few miles only two days of the week. McLaughlin didn’t want to drastically change his workout plan because the he feared he wouldn’t be able to stay motivated.
“It’s tough for you to hit the gym following work,” he says. “This season I wanted to focus on controlling my eating habits in excess more than anything.”
That strategy worked. within the last three years, McLaughlin lost 140 pounds.

“I’m not constantly sluggish feeling anymore,” he says.
His energy increased dramatically; he no longer lies in bed watching the Food Network until mid afternoon.

When he 1st moved to New York, his lone hobby was eating along and drinking. Now he spends his weekends researching farmers markets to visit, chili festivals, wine outlets and fruit-picking spots.

The couple recently went on vacation and chose to walk to the airport terminal rather than taking a golf cart.

Walker says these kind of small changes can make the greatest differences.
“A lot regarding my life still revolves of around food and drink, but it’s no longer destructive,” says McLaughlin.

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