The Tapeworm Diet


There is nothing appealing at glance about swallowing a tapeworm in the name of losing a few pounds, and yet some people still turn to this weird decision. Using tapeworms intentionally in the body has actually been around for about 100 years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. In fact this strange diet is not legal in the United States, and it is not considered a safe option.

The people who are fans of this process would actually argue that it is good for you to put a tapeworm into your body, because we used to get so many worms naturally that we don’t anymore. For the most part many countries are living in a way that has decreased our exposure to a lot of diseases and elements that used to be a natural part of life. Some people think that we still should be, since we haven’t exactly evolved past that point yet. If our bodies are used to finding things in there to fight off, then when they don’t it can create an inflammatory response that might lead to things like allergies and skin issues like eczema. In a natural or accidental ingestion of a tapeworm, it might come by eating meat that is under cooked or getting fecal matter into your food. Doesn’t sound too appealing.


Nonetheless, some people think that tapeworms are an acceptable option to use to help them lose weight and speed up their metabolism. What actually occurs when you put a tapeworm into your body is that you swallow them in a tablet form and then they will work their way through your digestive system. They attach themselves and then they begin to feed on the food that you are eating which reduces your own caloric intake. If it sounds appealing so far, just know that there is also the portion where the tapeworm exits the body as well which is supposedly very painful and can be an emotional disturbing experience. Some people go so far as to take drugs to kill the parasite before it exits the body to reduce the pain involved.

Even though it is possible to lose some weight if you have a tapeworm in your body, it is important to remember that it is a parasite that is feeding off of you, and that it is not necessarily predictable. Tapeworms have been known to wander through the body outside of the digestive system, which can cause extreme problems and even lead to death. A tapeworm is also likely to have side effects such as cause stomach pain like cramps and nausea, and sometimes it can even be felt moving through your digestive system. Since the tapeworm eats your food, there is also the chance that you can become nutrient deficient.

The tapeworm diet may have been around for a long time, but there is nothing to hint towards anything reasonable about doing it. You’re better off hitting the gym than purposefully making yourself sick.

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