The Truth About Parabens

ParabensParabens, silicones, and preservatives are found in most beauty products these days, and there are always new fears and debates over their safety. Some people consider them completely dangerous because putting chemicals in the body is not usually considered a good thing. But some research has shown that the amount that you are exposed to while using your favorite products is negligible and might not pose as much as a risk at it was previously thought. Here are some details about the matter that might help you make your own decisions about it.

Parabens started getting a bad reputation when they were found to be inside active cancerous tumors from people’s bodies. The assumption was that it is the parabens themselves that were carcinogenic and causing the tumor to grow. The problem with this assumption however is that the healthy tissue in the same bodies was not researched to see if there was also parabens present there. If there was, it might point to the fact that it wasn’t the parabens themselves that caused the problem. It’s easy to see hoe complicated this can be. Either way many companies now make products that are free of parabens to serve the consumer who is concerned about it. There are some other reasons why people don’t consider them very dangerous at all.

In general we tend to think that synthetic ingredients in products are more likely to be bad for the skin than natural products, but scientists would claim that the synthetic ingredients are more regulated and controlled. You can have skin reactions to both natural ingredients and synthetic ones, just depending on your individual body chemistry.

Preservatives are in products to give them shelf life and to keep bacteria out of them. If you didn’t have preservatives in a product you could be spreading infection to your face or body constantly, and your skin product might go bad. Formaldehyde is one example of a preservative that it particularly off putting to put on your body, but some research shows that the amount of lotion you would have to use to affect yourself is extremely high. A lot of the preservatives are also water-soluble so if they do get into your body they are quickly removed through the waste process in your body as opposed to being stored in the fat cells.

Products that contain silicon sound dangerous because you don’t want the silicon entering the body, but some researchers say that it doesn’t soak into the skin anyway. If it stays on the outer layers of the skin it feels very silky and it should not pose much risk to your body.

If you decide to use products that are free of parabens and preservatives, be sure to finish by or toss the product when you reach the expiration date. Using an expired skin product will not necessarily give you your desired result.

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