Trace Minerals Raspberry Ketones Review

Trace Minerals Raspberry Ketones ReviewRaspberry Ketone, manufactured by Trace Minerals, is among the many dietary supplements on the market that is dedicated to helping maintain a healthy body weight for men and women. These supplements are created with a compound produced by foods like red raspberries that have been found to help control the hormone adiponectin. This hormone aims to reduce the speed at which fatty acids metabolize within the body, ultimately reducing body fat levels. The manufacturer recommends taking a single 250 mg Raspberry Ketone capsule per day with water.

Trace Minerals offers a page on their website dedicated solely to their raspberry ketone pills. While the layout of the page is easy to follow and contains important information, such as ingredients and allergen information, there are no disclosed clinical studies and the product overview is rather limited.

Cost of Raspberry Ketone

Unlike most dietary supplements, Trace Minerals does not sell Raspberry Ketone directly to consumers. Instead, this product can be purchased online, from sites like Amazon, Overstock and VitaminLife, and in some local vitamin supply stores. Prices vary for a 30 count bottle from about $8 to $20 on more costly sites, so it is wise to shop around prior to purchasing. Because the manufacturer does not directly sell this product there is no mention of a sample packet or a money back guarantee associated with this product.

What Reviewers Have to Say…

The reviews for this product online are rather mixed. Some reviewers have noted that adding a single pill to their daily routine has helped to boost their metabolism and they have noticed an increase in their weight loss (when coupled with a healthy diet and exercise). However, there are other users who claim that they have been taking the supplement for several weeks and have seen no improvement in their weight whatsoever. Many reviewers were pleased with the price and ease of use of this product when compared to similar supplements on the market.

Pros of Raspberry Ketone

  • Suitable for a number of special diets, including vegan and vegetarian
  • Affordable (when compared to similar products on the market)
  • Easy to take single pill per day

Cons of Raspberry Ketone

  • No money back guarantee offered by the manufacturer
  • No clinical studies disclosed for this specific product
  • Minimal information provided by the manufacturer
  • Unable to purchase the product directly from the manufacturer (which might be a positive feature for some shoppers)

Final Thoughts

There are several manufacturers of raspberry ketone supplements on the market, many of which are more costly than this pill and may not be as concentrated in a single capsule. However, before you opt for this weight management supplement it is important to recognize that Raspberry Ketone from Trace Minerals still do not offer clinical studies to back their claims of weight loss. Without scientific evidence to back this specific product it cannot be recommended for use.

If you still plan on using this supplement it is advised that you consult your physician prior to starting the recommended dosage.

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