Whole Body Research 5 Day Total Colon Detox Review

Whole Body Research 5 Day Total Colon Detox

 5 Day Total Colon Detox Review

The human diet is not perfect. We eat a lot of processed foods, and we use take plenty of prescription medications. These things won’t necessarily kill us, but they can leave residues in your system. These residues can make you feel sluggish, slow digestion, cause headaches and can even cause skin issues. A colon detox will move these toxins out of your cells, through your digestive system, and out of your body.

What to look for in a Colon Detox:

First and foremost, you want to make sure that your colon detox is not just a glorified laxative. It wouldn’t make sense to clean unnatural residues out with an unnatural cleanse, so it should only contain all-natural ingredients. There is a wide array of different plants, fruits and seeds that might be used, such as apple pectin or cayenne. One of the most popular (and most effective) ingredients for a cleanse is Bentonite Clay. Bentonite clay is one of the most powerful detoxifiers we know of, praised for its ability to draw toxins out of your cells.

Of course, drawing those toxins out does no good if it has nowhere to go. This is why it is important that any cleanse you choose contains something that bulks your colon and absorbs those toxins, such as psyllium seed.

Last, you want to look for a supplement that will help you empty those toxins from your colon in a gentle, healthy manner. Any chemical laxative will keep you locked away in the bathroom all day, so look for something that uses things such as cascara sagrada bark or senna leaf instead.

Top Rated: Whole Body Research 5 Day Total Colon Detox

We did our research and compared five different colon detox systems. Out of those five, we chose Whole Body Research 5 Day Total Colon Detox as our top colon cleanse. We chose this cleanse for many reasons: the ingredients, potency, and customer support each played a role in that choice. It contains large amounts of the psyllium and bentonite that you want in a detox, as well as a slew of other natural cleansers like dandelion root and uva arsi. We also liked the fact that they include ingredients such as aloe vera and garlic that soothe and rejuvenate the colon as you cleanse. But the real reason it ranked number one? It was hands down the most effective colon detox in the group.

Price Comparison:

At $68.99, this five-day system is slightly more expensive than a lot of the laxative-based colon cleanses on the market. When compared to other all-natural systems on the market, however, the costs are roughly the same. Considering how much more effective this system is it’s very reasonable priced.


You owe it to your body to reset your system and start over with a clean slate (and a clean colon). Using the Whole Body Research 5 Day Colon Detox is hands-down the best way to do that. You simply won’t find another all-natural colon detox that is nearly as effective.

If you would like to detoxify your body, you can learn more about the 5 Day Total Colon Detox on the company website.

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