Whole Body Research Adult Multi-Vitamin Review

Whole Body Research Adult Multi-VitaminWhy take a Whole Body Research Adult Multi-Vitamin?

No matter how balanced a diet you eat, it is nearly impossible to get all of the nutrients you need every day from your food alone. You would have to put hours and hours into meal planning, calculating out exactly what you needed to eat to avoid deficiencies. And even then, you can never be 100% sure that you are actually getting everything you need. Taking an adult multi-vitamin gives you this assurance, without ever having to calculate a food diary.

What to look for in a Multi-Vitamin:

You might not know this, but the human body is not able to absorb synthetic vitamins. Despite this, the majority of supplement companies use synthetic compounds in their multi-vitamins. Before you even consider a multi-vitamin, you should make sure that it is made out of 100% Whole Foods. Anything less and you might as well not be taking a vitamin at all.

You also want to make sure that your multi-vitamin really lives up to the “multi” part of its name. Your multi-vitamin should contain a broad range of vitamins, from “A to Zinc” as the old saying goes. Your supplement should really contain at least twenty different vitamins for it to be really worth it.

Of course, no matter what vitamins your multi-vitamin contains, it won’t do you any good if it has something like magnesium stearate in it. Magnesium stearate is basically soap scum, and it can really gum up your system. Play it safe and avoid vitamins with synthetic fillers or binders.

Why is Whole Body Research Adult Multi-Vitamin Recommended?

When it comes down to it, the only adult multi-vitamin we can really recommend is the one by Whole Body Research. This multi-vitamin fits into all of the requirements we listed, but goes just a little bit further. They include nutrients named molybdenum, chromium and pantothenic acid – 3 important nutrients that most vitamin companies fail to include.

Price Comparison:

The price starts at $39.95 for a one month supply, but drops down to $26.65/month if you order in bulk. When compared to regular multi-vitamins that use synthetic vitamins and binders, Whole Body Research Adult Multi-Vitamin is more expensive. However when you compare the Whole Body Research Adult Multi-Vitamin to comparable whole-foods multivitamins, it is actually very competitively priced. For example, you can purchase a 3-month supply of a similar product from Dr. Mercola for $129.97, but for just thirty dollars more you can get 6-month supply from Whole Body Research.

Conclusion on Whole Body Research Adult Multi-Vitamin:

Synthetic multi-vitamins cost less, but you might as well not take them since your body cannot absorb them. That’s why you should only choose a multi-vitamin made out of quality whole-foods and natural ingredients. The Whole Body Research Adult Multi-Vitamin is the highest quality we could find; you would be hard-pressed to find a better vitamin at a more affordable price. To learn more, just check out the company website.

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