Whole Body Research – Keybiotics Review

Whole Body Research Keybiotics Review

KeybioticsYou have probably been hearing a lot lately about how important probiotics are for a healthy digestive system. Even if you are not experiencing problems, you could have a digestive imbalance that could be affecting your regularity and overall sense of well being. But if you suffer from digestive issues or irritable bowel syndrome, it could also be a result of the bacteria in your stomach. Not because you have too much bacteria in there, but because you don’t have the right kind. Probiotics are active cultures of bacteria that naturally occur in our stomachs and intestines that aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients. They are commonly found in fermented foods such as yoghurt, kefir, and kimchi. Another good way to get a healthy level of the “good” bacteria in your stomach is to consume a probiotic supplement. We tried out several of the top sellers but the Whole Body Research brand that we found that was better than all of the rest.

What are the ingredients of Whole Body Research Keybiotics?

500 mgs of a blend of 37.5 Billion CFUG.  L. Acidophilus DOS-1, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus plentarum, Lactobacillus brevis, straptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus salivarius, lactobacillus casel, bifidobacterium bifidum, bifidobacterium longum, and lactobacillus rhemnosus.

Here’s what we found:

The Whole Body Research product was priced comparably to other probiotics supplements. It was not the most expensive or the cheapest we could find, but it was the strongest. Packed with 37.5 BILLION active cultures such as L. Acidopholus and Lactobacillus, it was the most potent probiotics supplement we found. Not only was it packed with more active cultures than anything else we looked at, but another great thing about Whole Body Research products is that they are made in the U.S.A. and the company only uses the strictest GMP possible guidelines. The company has established itself as a maker of some of the highest quality nutritional supplements anywhere.

What’s our take?

When trying to find the right probiotics supplement, you really want to look for a few things. You want to make sure that it has a complete array of bacteria that your body needs, you want to ensure that the company follows strict manufacturing standards and guidelines, and you want to be sure that the product is pure, with zero harmful ingredients or fillers. The Whole Body Research Keybiotics product fits all of those requirements and was the most potent and safest probiotic supplement we could find. If you have been searching for a supplement to improve your digestive health and get your system to function with more regularity, we recommend the Whole Body Research Keybiotics probiotic supplement. To learn more about Keybiotics, check out the Whole Body Research website.

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29 thoughts on “Whole Body Research – Keybiotics Review

  1. I just received these probiotics, and haven’t started taking them, but the service was very fast! Looking forward to trying them when I run out of the current brand I have been taking.

    • After using this product I slept better and my sex drive was in turbo mode I give this product 5 stars also helped with my lactose problem

  2. I did some research on probiotics and compared them to keybiotics, out of all that I researched from even those bought in our local stores to the internet this one was the only one that contained all the good probiotics needed, I am well pleased with this product and the price is great for what all you get, also it was shipped really fast, I will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you!

  3. I have had digestive issues it seems like forever. My IBS had recently reared its ugly head so I thought I would give these probiotics a try. I ordered the keybiotics last month and in two weeks my symptoms had completely vanished. I feel wonderful and I will be on these forever. Thank you!

  4. I also researched probiotics before starting with Keybiotics a week ago. I know it is early but I am already experiencing improvment. Thanks Whole Body Research Team

  5. I purchased the Keybiotics because of having what seemed like a constant stomach ache. I remember after 2-3 days after taking the Keybiotics, my stomach felt great. I have not felt this good for many years. It really works!

  6. I was taking another probiotic and kept getting a lot of gas and painful bloating. I started taking “Keybiotics” by Whole Body Research and right away noticed a difference for the better. When I compared the labels, I noticed that the Keybiotics is lactose, gluten and soy-free. So I will definitely be switching to Whole Body Research permanently. Thank You!

  7. I recently purchased the probiotic product after reading about its quality and ranking at various consumer sites. In addition, I received a great price break by purchasing 6 months worth. I have been recently diagnosed with a repeat case of C Diff. Once I finish my current Jarrow probiotic supplements, I will start the Keybiotics. I know with C Diff it is important to have the probiotic strains of Saccharomyces Boulardii + MOS — which the Jarrow formula contains. I hope Keybiotics has Saccharomyces Boulardii + MOS as it seems these probiotic strains must be present in order to support your intestinal tract in its fight against C Diff.

    • I have a constant swollen stomach and diverticulosis and need help finding best probiatic. I tried dr. O’haras, flora, and now garden of life. I feel uncomfortable with stomach and pains. Can you help

  8. I’ve been taking Keybiotics and have noticed a difference in how I feel when I have had a meal. I haven’t felt bloated or had stomach pain. I look forward to more results like this. Thank you.

  9. My grand daughter had and ear infection and we learned how the antibiotics would kill all the good stuff and needed to be replaced. I looking into this I saw how many symptoms I also had and need to look into probiotics for my self. I decided Keybiotics had the most strains for good bacteria and been using it now for a week. It seems like I’m sleeping a little better and I seem to also have a little better mental clarity. Time will tell and I just want to do all I can to help my system to have what it needs to work like it used to.

  10. Fare better results compared to OTC products. IBS symptoms have abated but I only started taking Keybiotics after using remaing OTC Brands. Will reorder again.

  11. Been taking KeyBiotics for about a week. No issues. I understand a lively beneficial culture of gut flora is critical to good health.

  12. We have been on keybiotics for almost 2 weeks and have been happy to feel better. We are craving sugary foods and drinking more water.

  13. Been taking these for about 2 weeks now and I can now have some regular bowl movements after being constipated for over 10 years, This really does work and I have tried others that made me worse. I recommend them fore sure.

  14. I have been on probiotics for about 6 months, but it was the type you buy in walgreens. I started searching for the best out there because the man I am with was having alot of stomach issues, so I ordered 6 months of keybotics. I also am very pleased with other supplements from whole body research. I also take there krill blend. I feel that I have to 2 giant steps to improve my health. I have been on keybotics for about one week. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who are wanting the best out there.

  15. I just finished my first 30 days of the Keybiotics and man, what a difference it has made in my life. By the end of the first 30 days, I started getting terrible indigestion every time I drank coffee or alcoholic beverages. As a result, I stopped drinking everything except water. I lost weight which helped me attract a new girlfriend, who wasn’t scared away by my drinking problem. I also found that my teeth were whiter from the lack of coffee and red wine. I think the whiter smile had something to do with me getting a promotion at work too. Maybe it was all coincidental; however, I like to think it was attributed to Keybiotics. I am ordering more right now!

  16. I am so glad I tried keybiotics, after two weeks digestive complaints eliminated, three weeks all my skin rashes have disappeared (which was a pleasant surprise since I have tried every cream and lotion known to man), my memory has improved and I feel sharper and more alert. Hope others have similar experiences I am thrilled I tried keybiotics.

    • I would also like to know, as I have a really bad skin rash (cyst-like bumps) on my chest which gets very itchy. I have had it for almost 6 years and I recently learned about candida and keybiotics. I am hoping that if I do try out this product that it will help with my skin problems but also help out in my other problem areas too.

  17. I had a real problem with my digestive system over then 12 years and nothing could help me. Now, I am taking keybiotics around 10 days, colon spasm and tiredness almost disappear. Great product. Thank you Whole Body Research Team.

  18. I have been taking KeyBiotics for exactly 2 months now and I have not been happier. I had been struggling with 5 lbs over a 3 month period and my husband purchased this product hoping that it would help my Fibromyalgia. After about 3 weeks I noticed my food cravings had diminished tremendously!! Nothing has EVER helped me with my food cravings….until KeyBiotics. I have since lost 18lbs since January 8th and overall, I feel better. I definitely contribute a lot of my efforts to all of my hard work, but I was also working hard during the 5lb tug-o-war I had been struggling with too and nothing was giving. So, for me, I truly believe in this product!!!

  19. I have just received my package and began taking the keybiotics on march 5th and weight in @ 335#
    march 7th and weight in @ 328#
    it seems to me it is working also before taking blood pressure pill 147/77-77after taking the keybiotics with breakfast 132/77-77
    it seem to be working thank you Steve Di Sano

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