Whole Body Research Natural Calcium Review

Whole Body Research Natural CalciumWhole Body Research Natural Calcium Review

There’s an exciting new discovery for sufferers of osteoperosis, osteopinea, and osteoarthritis. Scientists have found a new source of calcium from algae that has been found to be more easily absorbed by the body.

A recent study published in the medical journal Calcified Tissue International found that calcium derived from algae was able to drastically improve bone tissue and function. One of the key benefits of calcium from algae aside from its absorption rate is that it also contains what are called “trace minerals” that the bones need for rebuilding their internal structure.

What is Whole Body Research Natural Calcium?

Whole Body Research Natural Calcium is sourced from coral and algae and contains additional Magnesium and Zinc, as well as Vitamins D3 and K, which are essential trace nutrients that are necessary for healthy bone growth and maintenance.

Sufferers from lactose intolerance are often short of calcium, due to the fact that most calcium is only available from dairy sources like yogurt and milk. With Whole Body Research Natural Calcium, one can receive their necessary calcium and bone-supporting trace minerals without suffering the effects of dairy. Other supplements are sourced from calcified rock, so the concentration of ingredients isn’t as high.

The Whole Body Research Natural Calcium supplement sells for $39.99 on the company’s website.

Does Whole Body Research Natural Calcium Work?

I’ve been taking the Whole Body Natural Calcium for almost a month now and have so far been very happy with the results. I don’t have osteoporosis (knock on wood!) but that’s probably because I’ve been taking calcium supplements for a while.

The problem with most calcium supplements though is that they come from rocks and aren’t digestible or able to be absorbed as food sources of calcium. . Calcium that comes from algae and coral however has been called “pre-digested” calcium because it is much better absorbed by the stomach and intestinal tract.

So when I heard about calcium from algae, I really wanted to try it. I’ve only been taking it for less than a month, but already I can tell there’s a difference in my hair– it’s not as frizzy as it was and my fingernails seem much stronger too. If you have a traditional calcium supplement as part of your vitamin regimen, I recommend that you stop taking it and start taking a supplement that comes from algae — you’re not getting your money’s worth.

If you have been looking for a calcium supplement, I highly recommend Whole Body Research Natural Calcium because of its high absorption rate and proven ability to help prevent bone loss. If you are regularly consuming calcium supplements that are from rocks, you are essentially just eating rocks. And no one wants to eat rocks.

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