Your Hidden Skin Allergy

rashAllergic reactions to skin products can often be hard to pinpoint because they can develop over time, and because a lot of products have so many ingredients in them it can be challenging to know where its coming from. Some people have extreme allergic reactions to things that are more obvious, and some people experience less outrageous symptoms like itchy skin or minor irritations that are still avoidable.

Usually when you have an allergic reaction to a beauty product it is coming from either the fragrance in the product or some kind of preservative. A lot of the fragrances that are added to beauty products are synthetic and some people don’t respond too well to those. Of course if you are allergic to a certain kind of flower or plant that might be reflected in your allergies to products as well. You would probably not know if you were allergic to preservatives until you encounter them. They can be hard to avoid since most beauty products need to be preserved to some extent.

Some common signs that you’re having an allergic reaction to a beauty product include itchy hives that suddenly appear on the skin, very dry skin, strange bumps, scaly skin, and itchy skin. Often there is a period of time where the skin develops a reaction unless you have already been exposed to it before so a skin allergy might show up a couple weeks after you have already been using a product. This can make discovering what gave you the reaction a little more complicated. Allergic reactions to food can also create similar symptoms to skin reactions, but the difference is that those usually occur soon after eating the food.

If you develop a skin reaction, try and think about every new product you started using within the past couple weeks. It might not even be the most recent product that you added. If there are multiple options you might try removing them all and then adding them back into your routine one by one to see which one is causing the problem. Then you should take a look at the ingredients and see if it becomes obvious what about the product is actually bothering you.

To treat the irritation in the short term, you should apply a hydrocortisone cream to help stop the itch and the reaction. Of course stop using the offending product or any potential ones. The rash or irritation should go away on its own pretty quickly. If for some reason the irritation does not go away, or it continues to spread or get worse in some way, you should head straight to the doctor or your dermatologist.

Products that are made for sensitive skin may be gentler for people with allergies, but they can still contain ingredients that cause allergic reactions. Just start to pay attention to which ingredients you can tolerate and which you don’t seem to as well, and make your future choices with that in mind.

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